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Pillars of Our Community: The Votes Are In

Pillar Mockup
A sample computer-generated mockup of pillar changes based on parishioner voting. During weekend Masses on June 8 and 9, 2019, parishioners were asked to provide feedback on if they would like to change the appearance of interior pillars. (Staff Photo/Jake Brillhart)

This previous weekend, our parishioners were asked to share their voice how their church should look with a final detail of our ongoing repairs and restorations. In a 164-86 vote, almost 66% of our parishioners voted in favor of matching the 12 perimeter pillars inside the church to the five, gold-colored pillars near the altar.

This was announced earlier today, and the full text of the press release is available below:

"COLLINSILLE, OK: This previous weekend, our parish solicited feedback and sponsored a parishioner vote on a final detail of the church's interior. After receiving inquiries regarding the 12 perimeter pillars in the last two weeks, a decision was made to allow the parish community to determine how our liturgical and worship space should appear.

"We are now excited to announce the results of this previous weekend's voting. With nearly a 66% vote (164-86) in favor of changing the appearance of the 12 perimeter pillars to match the five that are behind the altar and around the tabernacle.

"A mock-up is available through our parish's blog, As an update, we are now over $40,000 pledged towards our goal of $155,000. Every pledge makes a difference, so pledge today to make a difference. Online giving is available at or by clicking below. You can also email about any gifts you may have made towards the capital campaign."

With the repairs and restorations work beginning to wrap up, we invite all our parishioners to an open house this Friday, June 14, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. to view the improvements, ask questions, and see how your gifts to the capital campaign have been used.


Jake Brillhart is a student at Rogers State University studying Public Affairs with a focus in Media Communications and minoring in Technical Writing. He is an active volunteer in Tulsa-based and nationwide-serving nonprofits. He enjoys helping groups share their story through digital and print media and enabling nonprofits to be more, know more, and do more. He currently works at Saint Thérèse Catholic Church as their Communications Coordinator and can be reached at

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