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The Saint Therese Catholic Church Altar Society is a fellowship for mothers and women in our parish and is committed to serving our parishioners and the Collinsville community.

  • Our Altar Needs Circle helps make sure the vestments, altar cloths, candles, candle room, and sacristy are all kept in good order and are ready for each Mass.

  • The Family Needs Circle provides funeral dinners, new baby dinners, helps with receptions for Easter Vigil RCIA, Confirmation, and First Communion.

  • Our Community Needs Circle is responsible for outreach to the Collinsville community. We assist with bingo at the assisted living facility, assist at the annual Ministerial Alliance football breakfast, and give to the Arubah Clinic.

  • The Fellowship and Fun Circle plans and organizes events and fundraisers, including assisting with parish festivals.

Altar Officers:

Janet Ames



Clara Dodson 

Vice President













Elaine Egan


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