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It is a great privilege to serve at the

Altar of God. Serving can help you

discern your vocation better, whether

marriage, consecrated singlehood,

religious life or priesthood.

Altar servers perform a very

important and much needed role in

liturgical services.


By choosing to serve God and our

community, you will strengthen your

personal relationship with the Lord

and our parish priest, learn more

about the order of Mass and the Catholic Church, serve as a role model to all present at Mass, and grow in reverence, respect, responsibility, and teamwork.


Are you a responsible,

dedicated, and mature

young man or woman

feeling God calling you

to join this ministry? If

the answer is a joyful

“YES”, then please

contact us!



If you have received your First

Holy Communion and feel

called to serve as an altar

server, email us at


In the email, please include

your full name, age, and which

Mass you normally attend.

Thank you!

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Altar Server
Ministry Leaders
(Coordinators of Ministries)


Julia Linehan

Kristy Linehan

Questions about joining or learning more about ministries?
Contact us at
or call us at 918-384-8638

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