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The Children's Ministry is our church's religious education and ministry for your kids! Serving children from kindergarten to fifth grade, our team of committed volunteers are here to help your child grow in Christ, understand their faith, and make memories that last!

Simply put, we are here to provide children and their families with a thorough understanding of our Catholic faith through Scripture, prayer, and fellowship, and to grow as a faith community with liturgical activities, family programs, and social outings.

Families will meet at least once per month. Instructions and guidance will be given to parents, to help foster conversations and activities that promote and grow our Catholic faith and identity.   Children will also participate in classroom lessons twice per month.


Receiving Communion or the Eucharist is "a sacrament of love, a sign of unity, a bond of charity," (CCC 1323). It deepens the graces received at Baptism and prepares the faithful for future sacraments and to live a life of grace. Preparing to receive it for the first time, your child must be spiritually ready for this sacrament. At Saint Thérèse Catholic Church, any child wishing to receive First Communion must:

  • Be a baptized Catholic, and turn in a copy of their Baptism certificate.

  • Be in second grade or above, and at least 7 years old.

  • Have been enrolled in Children's Faith Formation for at least one year prior.

  • Participate in Family Faith Formation (Fam J.A.M.) 

  • Attend all First Communion classes, with no more than two absences per semester.

  • Must actively attend/stream Mass on weekends.


Throughout the year,​ we need volunteers like you to help make our program possible and make difference in our kids! If you're ready to jump in and help, take a look at ways you can help:

  • Be a teacher and help share God's word with our children.

  • Be a substitute and help from time-to-time with other volunteer teachers.

  • Be a special event volunteer and help at the various family events held during the school year.

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